Your luxury tea story

We are a small, independent tea company based in London who specialise in premium whole-leaf Ceylon teas that are produced in orthodox manner. All our teas are single-estate and specially crafted in very small batches of around 127 kg per season to highlight the subtle characters of tea using the traditional "two leaves and a bud" harvesting philosophy where each tea leaf was hand picked by a tea lady like this.

Making orthodox tea in this way is labour intensive and time consuming but the end product is a superior cup of tea with a wow factor. Tea made in this manner is extremely rare and precious, and every sip will take you back to the times of bygone era of classic English tea drinking tradition. Our teas will touch your soul and impress your friends!

Your tea is grown in the Western Highlands of Sri Lanka with outstanding beauty.

Your tea is grown in the Western Highlands of Sri Lanka with outstanding beauty. This is Devon water fall near Hatton.


Like with fine wine the intriguing & complex characters of tea depend on the micro climate and the altitude where the tea is grown. We get our teas directly from our partner tea gardens, St Andrews and Torrington in Dimbulla area in the Western Highlands of Sri Lanka, both of which are at altitudes above 4000 ft. Our tea gardens are renowned for their magnificent teas ever since they were established by British tea planters in the mid 19 th century.

Why not have a look at the trail of your tea to learn where your tea comes from?

Teas from Dimbulla and surrounding regions are referred to as Champagne of  Ceylon tea due to their colour, taste and bouquet. As such, renowned tea gardens take a great care in producing their tea which they showcase with pride to tea enthusiasts: our tea is a result of such care and love, so your tea experience is a unique & memorable one for that.

Like all good things the very best tea is in short supply: the season is short and runs from January to end of March each year.

St. Andrews Tea Estate on a fog laden day.

St. Andrews Tea Estate on a fog laden day.


During this period the Western Highlands bathe in sunshine during the day while the nights are cold and foggy. As a result tea plants grow slowly and leaves undergo certain chemical changes that result in a lovely cup of tea with a unique set of  highly sought after and rare characteristics.

Even during this season at high altitudes showers are not far away, and leaves picked on those days would not result in an exquisite tea: the difference between a premium tea and a mediocre bulk-produced tea among other things is the timing of harvest. Our tea gardens have gone to extraordinary lengths and put much love and care to bring you this collection of teas and we hope you love our teas as much as we and the people who crafted them do!

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Happy tea making experience!!